Z24 Transparent Acrylic Reptile Tank

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•【Perfect Size】11.4"x7.7"x5.9" [29cmx19.6cmx15cm] Perfect size for baby
    reptiles. Including spiders, house lizard, small turtles, frogs, corn snakes and
    other small animals.
•【High transparency】360 degree Full View Visually completely transparent, clear
    and bright and easy to observe and easy clean.
•【Easy Feeding】Sliding design for easy feeding, ventilation hole design keeps
    fresh air flow into the habitat.
•【Easy Installation】 Easy to install and use, Safe and environmentally friendly
    materials, creating a warm home for Reptile/Amphibian.
•  Can only hold substrate, NO WATER


1.  It’s pretty easy to assemble though if you look at the picture.
2. To remove the acrylic paper protector, just peel it slowly. It’s a bit difficult but try         to start at a corner and peel.
3. You will find it easiest to take small razor and gently work at one of the edges till          you could grab and then just pull slowly.

Message us for installation questions!
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