Chacophrys pierottii

Chacophrys pierottii, common name: Chaco horned frog, is found in the Chaco of northern Argentina. This species is extremely rare in the hobby due to difficulty in breeding. This species is very tiny with females and males reaching as large as about 6 cm and 5 cm respectively.


They are very active, CUTE, and sit like a boss!!



General Care Info:

-TEMP: keep at least 85 o F for the most part, few degree drop in temp is ok as long as it's gradual and within the desired range.  (Range 81-93 o F) 



-PAY EXTRA ATTENTION TO FEEDING FREQUENCY&PORTION. ( Feed 1/3 frog size food once every 5 days)

-Recommended Food: Guppies, Hikari Pac Attack. 

-Crickets are not recommended, if it's chosen, then please kill the cricket prior to feeding as they can cause considerable damage to this species of small frog

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