Collection: Stolzmanni Pacman Frog

 Ceratophrys stolzmanni, common name: Pacific horned frog, is found in Ecuador and Peru. This species is one of the smaller horned frog species and make weird movements.


General Care Guidelines: 


-Temperature: keep at least 85  o F for the most part, few degree drop in temp is ok as long as it's gradual and within the desired range.  (Range 81-90 o F) 


-PAY EXTRA ATTENTION TO FEEDING FREQUENCY&PORTION. ( Feed 1/3 frog size food once every 5 days)

-Recommended Food: Guppies, Hikari Pac Attack, tilapia fillet, silversides. 

-Crickets are not recommended, if it's chosen, then please kill the cricket prior to feeding as they can cause considerable damage to this species of small frog

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  • P93 Pacific horned frog (Ceratophrys stolzmanni) (RARE)
    P93 Pacific horned frog
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