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-This is stock photo only, we will send you very similar frog.

-About 1.5" - 2" 


Name: Lepidobatrachus laevis, or the Budgett's frog, was discovered by John Samuel Budgett and named after him. Other names for L. laevis include the Hippo Frog, Freddy Krueger Frog, and Wednesday Frog.



Recommended Housing: Due to their short legs Budgett's don't need a lot of height in their enclosure. An 18x18x12 Exo Terra or a traditional 20 gallon is sufficient for a single frog. Small pebbles are not recommended as they pose an impaction risk. If the water in the tank is too cool this will discourage frogs from eating so a small heater is recommended in most instances. Water quality is very important to pay attention to as budgett's frogs produce a lot of waste. Gentle filtration can be used with water changes. A day/night cycle is important so overhead lighting should be provided for 12 hours of the day and off for 12 hours at night.


WATER DEPTH: 7” AT THE VERY MAX if you don’t plan to give them land or sloped area.

WATER QUALITY AND TEMP IS KEY, always make sure water is clear. 


When doing water change, change only a portion of water so temperature doesn't change drastically (about 25% each time)


Temperature: 80-90 F (NO SUDDEN TEMP CHANGE) (85 is best) 



Size: About 1.5" - 2” + at time of sale (2 MONTHS OLD)

Adults reach a whooping size of 4"-5". Females are slightly larger 


Age: With proper care, they can live up to and over 5 years. 


Feeding: Live feeder fish, freshwater fish fillet (Boneless), insects, Hikari Pac Attack, horn worm, and freshwater shrimps (Salt water is fine as occasional treat). Remember to dust with calcium and vitamin! They can be fed every other day as babies-juvenile  and weekly as adults as they do not need much food intake as adults. 




Sexing: When mature, Budgett's frogs are fairly straightforward to sex if you have multiple animals of the same age. Females are larger than males. Mature male Budgett's frogs tend to call at night, which cause the throat to discolor to a shade of blue.



Social Behavior: These frogs are loners, and will eat each other if the opportunity arises. Housing them individually is strongly recommended. Housing them together is okay as long as adequate food source and space are present. Frogs should be similar sized. Remember! There is always risk of them eating each other!!! 




Natural Range: In the wild Budgett's frogs are found in Argentina; Bolivia, Plurinational States of Paraguay.


History in the Hobby: Once rarely bred you can now find Budgett's frogs at trade shows, pet shops and pretty readily online thanks to captive breeding efforts. 


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