Goliath Beetle Larvae (GOP)

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Goliath beetles (Goliathus orientalis preissi ) are among the largest and heaviest insects on the planet.

*Goliath Beetles are legalized to rear, trade, transport between the U.S. states since 2016.

*Adult image in item description is a general appearance of form albatus among many different forms available within species level. You may or may not receive beetle larva(e) as the same exact patterns. This beetle larvae carry various form (Red to White) 

**This listing is for Goliathus beetle larvae, NOT adult.


A small amount of beetle substrate (food) will be packaged with your larvae, so you can prepare their extra food, OR you can purchase our ready-to-feed premium beetle substrate from us!

 Life Stages: 

Larvae( L1 --> L2 -->  L3) --> pupae. --> adult beetle(as in the picture)


**Special thanks to Steven Barney's endless effort to deregulate Goliathus beetle in US. No regulation trading in between states and keeping this amazing beetle.