The Thing about "Blue" Pacman Frog; Does it really exist ?!


Scientific Name: Ceratophrys cranwelli 

Morph Name: Samurai Blue, Super Blue.


The debate about blue Pacman frog has been going on for years after years. Some people believe the blue Pacman frog does not exist while some believe they exist. This has been a heated topic over many years. So, does the blue Pacman frog really exist? The answer to this question is actually easier than people think. It is not rock science because like any other traits, whether a Pacman frog is blue or not depends on genetics. The blue Pacman frog does exists. However, due to various factors, blue Pacman frog can be rare. Also, due to greed, often times not ethical in the animal trade.

First, before we go over whether blue Pacman frog exists or not, we must define what blue is. Some people think of blue as sky blue, some think as ocean blue, and some can think of blue as Tiffany blue. The point is everyone has their own definition of blue. In the Pacman frog world, we will not see any sky blue, or bright blue colorations on them. Often times, we'd see blue colors on the more teal end and on the more Tiffany blue end. Since everyone has different opinions or definitions when it comes to blue, it definitely causes some people to believe that blue Pacman frog does not exist. Note that this concept can be applied to other animals as well. For example, "blue" French Bulldog. Some people find it hard to be convinced that the blue French Bulldog because of their bright blackish color. You can see some blueish color in them, but unfortunately it doesn't make them "blue" in some people's eyes. Overall, the point is that different people have different expectation. 


Blue Chart:

 Blue French Bulldog:

Next, let's go over the genetic aspects of the blue Pacman frog. When it comes to any trait, it is always caused or attributed by genetics. For example, what makes Strawberry Pacman frogs orange? They were line bred from the Albino Pacman frog. So what it basically is, is that the more "orange" Albino Pacman frogs were selected to breed to create even more orange Albino Pacman frog. After a few generations of line breeding, Strawberry Pacman frog is created! It is essentially the same concept as the blue Pacman frog. More teal/blue green Pacman frogs are selected to create the blue Pacman frogs. So.... what does this mean? In order to know whether or not we have a true blue Pacman, we must always ask/see what the parents of the froglets look like. If both parents are fairly blue, their froglets will be just like their parents when they grow up. If a blue Pacman is paired with a strawberry, then their froglets can not be labeled as "blue Pacman frog" because it is highly unlikely that the froglets from Blue X Strawberry will stay/turn blue. In reality, we want to make the bluest male to mate with the bluest female to create the true perfect blue Pacman. It sounds simple but it is really easier said than done. Afterall, we do not dictate or have full control over how these frogs breed. Often times, your designated pair just does not breed.

The next important topic to go over is the color enhancing "Pacman frog food". The color enhancing supplement/food does exist on the market. By feeding it to your frog, it brings out the full potential of your frog's vivid colors. So, does it only boost the color of your Pacman frog? The answer is no, depending on the brand, it can also serves as a diet for your Pacman frog, similar to the Pac Attack, except that Pac Attack does not enhance colors. In addition, the Pac Attack is much cheaper than the color enhancing Pacman frog food. Although it is not overall common, it does exist and often times, unethical sellers/breeders would feed their frogs the color enhancing food to make a quick sales. 

The truth about the blue morph is that it does not get blue until it progressively age to adulthood. Sometimes, it can take up to 2 years for their final blue color to kick in. Also, the nature of this species, Ceratophrys cranwelli, is that they change color/patterns. Their color do change/fluctuate based on different environments such as different bedding used, different temperature, and different humidity. Generally, when temperature is lower and humidity is lower, this morph will become the bluest. As a result, even if you encounter a true Super Blue Pacman frog, you may not be impressed by its color. If you, as a buyer,  is not impressed by its color, then this sales would be difficult to get. So, often times, incentivized by money, sellers/breeders feed their frogs color enhancing food to bring out the blue colors in order to make/attract sales. 

 "But what about those really really blue baby Pacman frogs I see on Instagram/Facebook ?! "

The answer to this questions is simple. The unrealistically blue baby Pacman frog you see on the web is likely photoshopped. These photos are often posted by sellers who are trying to false advertise to make a quick sales, similar to how people nowadays use filters to make themselves look better on the social media. This being said, however, blue babies do exist, but these are not called "Super Blue" morph. These are mutants which do tend to change colors more aggressively and frequently than normal cranwellis. The mutants may not hold the blue color. Please see our mutant section for details. We sometimes have Ultra Blue Mutant for sale. The blue color on these guys are 100% authentic, it is just that it may be a point of time expression, and not a permanent expression. 

Here at JamJam. we strive to provide you with the best possible pure genetics when it comes to blue Pacman frog!! We have the bluest genetics in the States. If you are looking for one, feel free to give us a try! If you see a blue Pacman that looks very blue as babies and it is not a mutant, then beware!!! because those are often times fed color enhancing supplements and their blue color will not last.