D90 Super Blue (Stock Photo)

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THIS IS A STOCK PHOTO, you will get something very similar, feel free to message us on facebook for questions. 

-BABIES AREB'T AS BLUE AS ADULTS. Their coloration fluctuates with environment such as humidity and type of bedding used. Please understand this

-FIRST 4 PHOTOS is their mother  (different shade of color at different times) 5th PHOTO is their dad.

-Froglets are for sale, not adults



There is no "very blue""baby" Pacman. If you see a very blue Samurai Blue baby on the internet, 3 things could  have happened:

1) They were fed color enhancing supplement (Likely)

2) They were photoshopped (Likely)

3) They are Samurai Blue "Mutant". Being mutants, they may get these unusual stunning blue colors. however, also being mutant, they change color unexpectedly. Therefore, how they turn out is unpredictable. They may change to something unique other than blue later on. (We have them in stock occasionally)

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