Which Exotic Frog You Should Consider - Know Your Options

Frogs are among the best exotic animals to have as pets, especially if you are a first-time pet owner. Once you have provided them with the perfect habitat, they can thrive and complete a healthy lifecycle under your care. Unlike frogs in the wild, frogs bred in captivity for pets by ethical and reputed breeders adjust very well to the home environment. Here are some of the options you may choose from if you want to have a frog as an exotic pet.

Exotic Frog You Should Consider

Red Ornate Pacman Frog

The Red Ornate Pacman Frog is very interesting to look at. It has fairly high red pigments in its skin, which, combined with the green, produces exciting patterns on the skin. It has a creamy white belly and possesses small horns above its eyes. The frog has a reasonably mild disposition and is a good choice for an exciting pet.

Budgett’s Frog

You can find Budgett’s frog from premium websites specializing in exotic pets. The common name for the Lepidobatrachus laevis, the Budgett’s frog, is known for its large size. It has a shiny, pinkish grey body and a large mouth that takes one-third of its body. It is popular as a pet because of its somewhat comical appearance and mild aggressive disposition, which many pet owners find pleasing and amusing.

Fantasy and Hybrid Frog

There are several kinds of fantasy and hybrid frogs you can choose from. They are so named because of their unique appearance as different genes come together while breeding them. They have amazing colors and patterns on their backs and are one of a kind. Popular fantasy and hybrid frogs are a crossbreed of Cranwell with Cornuta, Cranwell and Ornata.

Pierotti Frogs

The Pierotti or the Chaco Horned Frog is native to the Chaco region of Northern Argentina. If you are looking for a cute and tiny pet that keeps you amused with its antics, then this is it. They grow up to only about 5 to 6 cm and are very active. However, they are also very rare, so you would have a truly exotic pet if you kept them.

Having a Red Ornate Pacman Frog or a Budgett’s frog or that of any other species can be an exciting and wholesome experience. These animals will keep you company in their way, and watching them grow would be an absolute pleasure for you.