Unique Traits of Brazilian Horned Pacman Frogs

The Brazilian horned Pacman frog is known for its horn-like eyes and peculiar mouth. These frogs hide under the leaves in their natural habitats to look for their prey and use their unique skin as camouflage. The species is near the threatened category, but you can find this exotic pet online if you want to own one.

Brazilian Horned Pacman Frogs

Unique Physical Features

These frogs were named after Pacman because they have bulging eyes, just like Pacman! These frogs have horn-like growths on their heads that camouflage for when they reside underneath logs or rocks.

These frogs are usually dark green, beige, or light green with grayish bottom that sets them apart from other varieties. Their skin is moist and bumpy. AS a pet, they live for up to ten years, though they have a general lifespan of 6-7 years.

By studying these frogs, you could contribute to the spread of knowledge about amphibian life, which would benefit ecologists and people who love nature!

Why Keep Them as a Pet?

As you find Brazilian horned frogs, it is essential to note that they will have a low-maintenance diet. Even though the frog has an adult size of six or seven inches in the wild, they are small enough to maintain in a 10-gallon aquarium. Although the Brazilian horned Pacman frog can be kept as pets, be sure to check your state laws before getting one for yourself!

Many people choose these frogs as pets because they make wonderful additions to any home or classroom despite their huge eyes and long tongues. You can be sure to find these frogs available at your nearest pet store!

And the best part: These frogs only eat once every 2 days, and because their diet consists of insects and meaty prey items, they do not need vitamin supplements.

So if you want to be the next Bob Ross and paint happy trees for hours on end, get your hands on one of these frogs!

How to Take Care of Them

The Brazilian horned Pacman will need a place to live that is warm and humid. A 10-gallon aquarium will serve as the perfect home for your pretty amphibian friend, and it may even house more than one if you use divider in aquariums. Be sure that no other species of animal lives in this tank with them!

The Brazilian horned frog is vulnerable to disease and illness caused by water contamination, so clean the habitat thoroughly!