Mistakes to Avoid While Caring for Your Pet Frog

Frogs are generally quiet, gentle animals that are relatively easy to care for. Because they are generally docile creatures, pet owners should not cause harm or stress to their frogs.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when caring for your pet strawberry horned frog.

1. Avoid Keeping Your Frog in a Small Enclosure with No Space for Growth

Frogs grow throughout their lives, and if they become too large for their enclosure, they may become stressed and unhappy. Always provide your pet with ample space to roam and explore.

If you are planning to keep your pets together, be sure that the enclosure is adequate for both pets before adding a second toad, as they may harm one another.

2. Avoid Feeding Dead Insects or Inadequate Meal Substitutes

Pacman frog feeding is not a child’s play. Your pet should always have access to good-quality insects, but if you are unable to provide these for whatever reason, you can use the following as substitutions:

  • Meal worms
  • Crickets (without heads) or other exoskeleton-less insects
  • Freshwater fish fillet

3. Avoid Leaving Your Frog Out During Unsuitable Weather Conditions

Your pet frog should not be kept outdoors under any circumstances. Frogs are cold-blooded, and their body temperatures depend on the surrounding environmental temperature.

If left outside during extreme weather conditions, they may become ill or die.

4. Avoid Exposure to Toxic Insecticides or Pesticides

If you must use insecticides or pesticides in your home (such as flea or ant spray or bug bombs), always ensure that your strawberry-horned frog is out of the house and has access to a safe place outside.

It is not recommended to use these types of chemicals in your home where you plan on keeping a pet toad or frog.

5. Do not Release Your Pet Frog into the Wild

It is illegal, as pet frogs are often times protected species. It is also very harmful to your pet amphibian, as they can be easily picked up by predators, killed by cars or other animals, or fall prey to toxic lawn chemicals if kept outdoors.

6. Avoid Overheating Your Toad's Enclosure

If temperatures get too high, your pet may become very ill and eventually die. Even if you have a toad that typically enjoys hot weather (such as a desert or marine), always ensure sufficient ventilation in its enclosure.

7. Adequate Light Intake Is Essential for Your Pet

Your toad's enclosure should always have access to at least 12 hours of light per day. If you keep your pet in a room with a window light, be sure that the window is closed during dark periods so no other animals can enter and harm your frog.

If you follow these easy steps, your pet amphibian will be a happy and healthy member of your family for years to come.