Best Nutritious Food for Your Pet Amphibian

Best Nutritious Food for Your Pet Amphibian

Food for and care of your pet amphibian is essential. Amphibians constantly lose water through their skin, so they have to replenish what they lose to stay alive constantly.
If you are a new owner or are simply curious about what your pet amphibian should eat, here is a list of the best foods to feed your pet.


Crickets are an easy staple food for most amphibians because they are inexpensive, readily available, and have enough protein to provide proper nutrition.

Cricket food and calcium supplements are available to ensure your crickets provide all the necessary nutrients when your pet amphibian eats them.

For example, your giant African bullfrog can eat 15-20 adult crickets a night, so be prepared to have enough of these insects on hand.


Waxworms are also easy to find and are another nutritious option for pet amphibians because they are high in fat content which is what most of these animals need to supplement their diets with if crickets are the only food source.


While choosing Pacman frog food, you may opt for mealworms as a nutritious food source for your pet. They are readily available, cheap, and easy to store. In addition to providing proper nutrients, they are known to be very nutritional since they contain high protein and vitamin content.


Earthworms make up an excellent part of the natural diet of many amphibians. You can store them in bulk as they will last for weeks. Your giant African bullfrog can sometimes eat several dozen large worms in one sitting.

An earthworm can serve as a reliable staple food for your pet amphibian even if it only eats 1 or 2 worms per week.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are a nutritious meal choice for your pet amphibian because they are tiny, easy to culture, cheap, and provide proper nutrition when combined with other food sources.
Fruit flies are easy to culture in an aquarium or plastic storage bin.


Butterworms are also an excellent choice for your pet amphibian because they too are nutritious and easy to culture. In addition, many new owners prefer this food source because it is not as common as the others mentioned above.


Mantidflies are another excellent choice for your amphibian pet because they are nutritious and easy to culture. Mantidflies can be found in the wild, and it is not uncommon to find them dead on sidewalks after heavy rain.


Blackworms are the superfood of the worm world and provide proper nutrition for your pet amphibian, along with many other perks. They are easy to culture, very nutritious, and found in most pet stores that sell fish.

When feeding your amphibian, you need to ensure they are getting enough vitamins and minerals. To do this, make sure the food sources listed above are correctly combined so your pet stays healthy longer.